We all need people; doctors, lawyers, accountants, but at least three times every day we need a farmer:

The Walkers have been farming in Central Canada on the same land since 1904, so they are no strangers to the adversity of the business. Each generation of this family has survived through tough times caused by a variety of reasons:  pioneering in the early 1900’s, the depression in the thirties, work debilitating health problems, several drought years in succession and the steep decline of the cattle industry during the BSE crisis. All the while having to deal with the usual uncontrollable aspects of weather and volatile markets.   In spite of these things, or perhaps because of them, it has grown into a thriving operation today.  Coupled with the experience of previous generations, the modern Walker farm is a product of hard work and determination.  At present, there is the focus and drive to make a difference in this fifth generation family farm.  By using the various talents of individual family members as well as sourcing help where needed,  there is the ability to step outside of this core business and drive home the passion of making a great return on a sustainable basis, while producing things needed - like food!

The Walker Group is striving for excellence through sustainable innovation, leaving a legacy of healthy stewardship.