Grains in Bulk

Lazer Enterprises sells grains by the container.



Barley- is a great rotational crop and Lazer uses it this way. Lazer is currently growing the Meredith variety of barley, and it is sought after for its malting characteristics. Barley has also been used as animal fodder and a source of fermentable material for beer and other distilled beverages. The barley is extensively tested after harvest and marketed per the specifications. Lazer markets barley by the container. 


CanolaCanada is the world’s leading producer of Canola. Lazer has been growing the Clearfield NON GMO Canola system for years. The name Canola is a combination of Canada and Ola (oil). Canola is used for oil as the seeds contain 44% oil, double that of soy bean. Ground breaking advances in plant breeding have made canola meal one of the most widely used protein sources for animal feed. Sold bulk delivered in containers



Flax- is also a food and fibre plant grown in cooler regions of the world making it a very suitable crop for Lazer Farms. Flax has been an important crop for centuries providing fibre for linen and seeds and oil for food widely used and known for its medicinal qualities, flax is an important crop for Lazer Farms and its crop rotation. Flax is sold in container quantities. 





Red Lentilsare adapted to cool growing conditions which is perfect for Lazer’s property along the North Saskatchewan River. The young plants also have a high tolerance for frost. Lentils also provide a large amount of fixed nitrogen for the soil. Lazer’s goal is to develop a farm direct distribution to essentially gain a long term customer. Sold bulk in container.