The farm’s leadership is constantly evaluating the concept of diversified crop selection which will offer the best balance for profitability and land health as this is the major product line of the business. Crops vary from year to year and are chosen by balancing plant husbandry, profitability, sustainability, soil health, environmental factors, input sourcing, equipment and labour resources.

Typical crops for the Prairies would include canola, peas, wheat, barley, oats, lentils, flax to name a few.  For other crops, the commodity market generally establishes pricing.  Market analysis is done by product line in order to define the year's crop picture.  Each product line is reviewed in terms of background, market situation, value chain and the company’s direction.

Crop rotations are known to be a natural barrier against a wide range of fungal soil-borne pathogens. Some of the general purposes of rotations are to improve or maintain soil fertility, reduce erosion, reduce the build-up of pests, spread the workload, reduce risk of weather damage, reduce reliance on agricultural chemicals, and good for the environment. 


Lazer plants canola to which it sees a consistently better yields as compared to the national average.   Though typically selling to a large grain buyer or directly to a crushing plant, Lazer is currently looking at other value add uses for canola such as the opportunity to cold press oil for local markets. Both the resulting oil and meal are highly sought after nutritional supplements for cattle and other domesticated farmed animals and fish. 


Lazer Inc. has stepped out of its normal comfort zone with the addition of iHemp used for food.  Industrial hemp is still the newest crop on the farm and is sold under contract into a more specialized market channel, which poses unique challenges and opportunities.


Barley is useful in rotations and Lazer treats it this way as it is a consistently good crop in the immediate area. Malting barley (as opposed to feed) can bring a premium and it is often the goal, though many factors outside of the farmer’s control affect this final outcome.   


Lazer Ent. Inc. uses lentils as an important rotation crop rotation due to it's nitrogen fixing capabilities.  Additionally, prices over the past years have been favourable.  Even off- grade lentils are a useful supplement to animal feed.


Lazer Enterprises is creating innovation in the field of crop organics.